Do you have stretch marks?

Pregnant belly pink heart

Stretch marks…oh the dreaded words!  We try to prevent them, hide them, dread them. As I get greater and greater with child, my other children are amazed at the running tracks across my belly. After 7 babies, well you can just imagine the road map I have. The other day we were pointing out which child produced which stretch marks on my mountainous bump (as though we really know, right?) My sweet dear husband looks upon them as badges of honor.
But, it made me stop and think. Dear sister, do you have stretch marks? I can guarantee you do…even without having a single baby.  You see, we all have areas where the Lord has been stretching us over the years.  Times when He has caused us to grow and stretch beyond what we thought we were capable of.  We felt the burn as we grew and it was not always pleasant.  And often we see the marks those trials left behind.  We might even try to cover them up, not wanting others to see the pain we felt through that trial. But, sisters we have no need to deny that they are there.  Those reminders of past stretching are a sign of being blessed. It is those whom the Lord loves that He chastens. If you have stretch marks that have been for His glory, then you can have cause to rejoice.  We glory in our tribulations–knowing the Master Gardener is at work. Oh, our bodies are not what they once were, once we bear unto the Lord, they are permanently changed.  But, it is sign of His work upon us, that these scars are left.  And so our souls are changed, made more like Him.  Sanctified. So sisters, examine your stretch marks today…and thank the Lord for giving them to you!

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14 responses to “Do you have stretch marks?

  1. Wow I really like this, thanks!

  2. AMEN Girl!!! ;}
    I hope many woman read this!

    {Sarah beth}

  3. This was lovely, thank you ! I found you through Women Living Well and, today especially, I’m so glad I did! I’m 7 weeks pregnant with my first so the thought of stretch marks has been on my mind, and this really helped to put it all in perspective!

  4. Love this! wanting to be stretched and molded into His image. 🙂

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  8. this is wonderful! as a mother who’s in her ninth month of pregnancy, i could really relate… loved the analogy… thank you so much for linking with imperfect prose.

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