Day 114

I was convicted today.  I was convicted as I sat with my two littles and watched an educational cartoon with them.  Why was I convicted?  Because I don’t sit with them more often. A wise friend once told me (when we called to announce that we were expecting our first child) “Children will show you how selfish you are.”  And it is so true.  Oftentimes, if the opportunity presents itself to do something else while my children are occupied I jump at it as time for myself. Or, I think I have to be doing the next thing on my mental list.  And there are times when this is a fine thing to do.  But, today as they were watching and I chose to snuggle them up on either side of me and just sit with them, interacting with them as they watched…I saw the shine in their eyes…and it pierced my heart.  Oh Lord, give me a heart to learn to be still and sit with my children..for they need me.

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2 responses to “Conviction

  1. This is something I really struggle with too. There’s just so much to do in a day and it’s easy to put interacting with our kids at the bottom of the list.

  2. I’m here from Ann’s I know it’s Saturday – but I’m playing catch up – there were so many “Thank you” posts to read I didn’t even start reading the Wednesday linky until today.

    All I could thin of was the difference between conviction and guilt. How guilt just repeatedly shows a snapshot and says – see look how bad you are. But conviction alerts us to what’s wrong and motivates change. The last sentence of yours? I just finished praying those words for you – hope you don’t mind.

    Thank you for this today.

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours

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