New Baby Coming! Part 1: “The Countdown Chart”

Sleeping Baby Portrait #DarlaDixon
We are expecting our seventh baby in about 2 weeks or less, so there is high excitement around here!  I thought I would take this time to do a small series on preparing for a new little one in the house, as well as some traditions we have developed over the years that make this a very special season.

Over the years as a new little one is expected the dynamic has been constantly changing. When they are all little, they take part with great excitement and wonder.  Now, as my children are getting older, we find even more delight in seeing how involved they are in the preparations and expectation. The worry now on their part is that they won’t get their share of the baby enough.  (Smile)  I certainly am going to have a lot of helpers! They love to feel their little brother moving and kicking and are counting the days until they can love on this little one.

The first tradition I would like to share is our “Count Down Chart”. As I hit my 30th week of pregnancy I create a chart with 10 weeks on it. We take turns crossing off the weeks until our new one’s due date. This time I was sick around the time I normally would have made it.  When I finally put the chart up, we had lots of boxes to check off.  Doing this, is such a fun way to see visually how long we have to go. When I hit 30 weeks I always think of it as the homestretch. Here are pictures of each of my children crossing out a week on our countdown chart.

In my next post, I will share about our Baby Care Class that I do with my children as the time draws near to our siblings arrival.  Stay tuned! And in the meantime, do you have any fun traditions you do at your house to prepare for a new baby?

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6 responses to “New Baby Coming! Part 1: “The Countdown Chart”

  1. This is great Jenny…congratulations! How fun to see your other kids excited and involved. That’s how our crew is too. I love the idea of a sibling-prep class…looking forward to that post 🙂

  2. Thanks Kara…spread the word about the series this week! 🙂

  3. BTW, this post is actually my “Tuesday post” so Wed will be the next one, Kara. 😉

  4. Hi Jenny

    I think its wonderful how the others are involved and I want to wish you all God’s graces in your delivery. I also want to tell you that I’ve awarded you an award. See my blog here for details:
    Love & Blessings

  5. We read a great books called “What’s inside your tummy Mummy”. It is a month by month guide to what is happening to the baby. It is simple things like when they can hear outside the womb, opening their eyes etc. And is also has a life size drawn picture of the baby each month, that you can hold up to your tummy. My girls (6 and under) have found it really helpful in being able to visualise what is going in on there!

  6. I am expecting my 12th and she will be here in 2 weeks or less. My oldest girls are such a HUGE help and we sat down last week and wrote down 2weeks worth of meals for them to prepare while I am healing. They went to the grocery store with dad and got everything and now we wait. It is such a blessing to no longer have to make 15 casseroles to stick in the freezer and have meals done every night. Although that worked also! We also are making a “baby chain” to rip off each day. It helps them and is even fun for me to watch it get shorter and shorter.
    Blessings to you!

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