Mother of Millions

This is a post I wrote on my more private blog awhile back… May it encourage you today.
I have been very blessed by the church family that the Lord has given me. Last night, a friend of mine gave me a “Mother of Millions” plant. As an encouragement to me after my miscarriage she had planted 6 little tiny plants in the pot to represent each of the children the Lord has given to me here on this earth. It meant so much to me for her to think of me in this way.
I noticed to my dismay this morning that in the transport home my pot had been quite disturbed and my little shoots had been uprooted from the dirt surrounding them. I quickly began to tenderly take each little shoot and replant them into the dirt, adding a little water to gently place them in their spots. I had to be very tender as I replanted them, being careful not to crush, tear or damage their little roots or leaves. I could not deal roughly or harshly
 in working with these tiny seedlings.
As I was in the process of doing this it came to my mind, am I as careful and eager to do this with my children? It is food for thought. Am I solicitous and careful over where my little children’s souls are at, if they are going astray or needing to be “re-rooted” somewhere? Am I careful as I am seeking to transplant them from wrong behaviors or thinking to not crush or break them? Do I hover over them with concern as I did these little plants?
It’s definitely a challenge for me and maybe it will be for you today as well.

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