Bless your man this weekend!

“The “virtuous Woman” will study to do her husband good, and to avoid doing him harm, all the days of her life. She will be inventive, ingenious, and laborious to promote his comfort, his health, and his interest; will smooth by her sweet words his brow, when wrinkled with care; hush the sigh that misfortune extorts from his bosom; will answer with gentleness the sharp words that in moments of irritation drop from his lips, and will do all this, not by fits and starts when in congenial moods, but continually….

By the happiness which she imparts to him at their own fireside she sends him abroad, not with a downcast look, as if he had left a heavy trouble at home, or carried it everywhere with him; but with a cheerful countenance, as though he had just come from the scene and seat of his chief earthly bliss…”

Dear sisters, may you study and seek to fill your homes with the sweet aroma of love to your husbands this weekend!

Female Piety—The Young Woman’s Guide Through Life to Immortality   John Angell James, (1785—1859)

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2 responses to “Bless your man this weekend!

  1. I actually have that book but have yet to read all of it yet! It’s on my to-do list. It sounds very good though 🙂

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