A Request…

As many of you have seen there is a button on my sidebar for a contest over at Circle of Moms.  Until June 8th you can vote every 24 hours.  As you know, this is a fairly new,”small potatoes” blog, but every day has been a blessing.  The exposure and traffic that placing in the top 25 would bring to A Mothers Heritage would be a great blessing.  It would be a miracle, but it still is fun to participate. 🙂  So, if you feel inclined would you vote for me?  And remember you can go back each day and vote again. There are some wonderful blogs on the list, so make sure to vote for them as well!

Thank you so much!

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One response to “A Request…

  1. I just voted for you! #60 🙂

    I hope this isn’t tacky of me, but do you think you could vote for my travel tip in this contest?

    1. log in through FB
    2. click “vote” on the page for “St. Denis Cathedral”

    Thanks so much!

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