What’s in your wallet (er, couch)?..Link-up!

Written Saturday:

You have all seen that commercial,”What’s in your wallet” right?

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon and I don’t know about you, but by the time Saturday comes around you are sure that an atomic bomb went off while you sleep!  It used to be that on Saturday evenings when the little ones went to bed, Steven and I went into turbo mode and worked like madmen for a couple of hours just to restore an appearance of order.

Now?  Many hands make light work.  I gathered things that were lying around in the main part of the house and put them in the “manly room” where the bulk of the disaster already was and called the troops in!  Yup, especially when Dad is there to declare “Move, move, move!”  It becomes a game and everyone is scurrying like little ants.  Wallah!  It is straightened again.

Next, I can go to work doing the detailing I so enjoy.  And the vacuum comes out and Mom does her therapy (I know, I am a sick woman to love such therapy but I really do!)

And that’s when it happened.  I decided to clean out under the couch cushions (you know, that place where last years candy bar is still hiding and when your kids find it, you can tell them they can still split it…because there are so many preservatives in it, it won’t have spoiled.)

Really, it hasn’t been that long since they were cleaned, but the things down there accumulate faster than the snow up in the mountains of Kilimanjaro.

Then the thought came to me…what a fun link-up for those brave enough to really be honest.  So here is the challenge this Monday morning.

Go clean out under your couch cushions and tell me what is under there.

Here is my list for all to see:

Thermometer case

Playing cards



A dirty sock

A baby outfit

One of my boys lost knives



A wet diaper…ewwww!  (Mind you, it was nicely wrapped up.)

Ok, your turn.  Leave me a comment, or link up!

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3 responses to “What’s in your wallet (er, couch)?..Link-up!

  1. I’m cracking up 🙂
    Your list is incredible….
    When we gave away our couch last fall…I thought it was bad to find “grandma’s glasses”, a plastic hotdog, marbles and peanut shells.

  2. Well, I try to have my couch cushions removed once a week, because its a very WELL USED couch.. I’ve found (not all together of course!)..
    – varying ends of whatever was being eaten on the couch , empty snack papers etc. (yeah, nasty I know!)
    – hairclips
    -varying toys from four year old
    – the missing remote!
    – a misplaced cell phone
    – varying articles of clothing slipped off to watch tv (mostly my four year old’s but sometimes the older ones (hubby might take off his t-shirt on a hot day)
    – jewellery, one or other of my daughter’s took off.
    – the list could go on into infinity… this couch seems to suck in stuff! It is however really comfy and while past its prime.. nobody wants to throw it out yet!

    Thanks for this great laugh opportunity! Have a good day!

  3. Thanks Ladies! Kara, at least yours was a plastic and not a real hotdog! LOL!
    Lisa, remotes have a way of jumping up and running away here at our house. 🙂

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