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Don’t come down from that wall! Pt. 6

And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?” Nehemiah 6:3

We have looked at several things that are used to either distract or discourage us from this very high calling that our Lord has given us.  Things that would allure us to come down off of our God-given duties. Have you been able to relate to any of them?  I certainly can write all this from experience!  It seems daily that many of these things creep up to bring me down.

Today we are going to talk about a couple of specific temptations to distraction that are very prevalent, especially in our technical age.

The Telephone:

How many times are we distracted off of our duties and tempted to neglect them because of needing to just make one more phone call.  Or just as we were to engage in a heart to heart talk with our children, the phone rings.  Have you ever noticed how often that familiar ring will begin right as you sit down to family worship?  And it is not uncommon to have a quick call to a friend become a long, engaging conversation.  Even calls to “encourage” another sister, can actually be pulling us from our loved ones, if they are made at the wrong time.

I had a friend at one time choose to go on a friend phone fast for a while.  She realized that her focus had to be in her home and with her children.  I am all about Titus 2, godly mentoring, profitable phone appointments between sisters, but it all must be placed in its proper position so as not to sacrifice the best for a good thing.

But perhaps in our culture is an even bigger temptation to distraction is…

Email, Social Media, and ahem Blogging:

I love to blog.  I love the computer.  I love getting and writing emails.  I have a smart phone and use it often to check my Facebook.  But, let’s face it…it is a double-edged sword, isn’t it?  These things can be wonderful tools, but can get out of hand quickly.  Just one more email.  Did someone post something new on Facebook?  Did I get any blog comments?  Oh, I need to answer that comment quickly. And before I know it, chunks of time have passed by.  My dear husband is constantly reminding me that he does not want me neglecting the very thing I am blogging about.

I can be home physically with my children, but not home in my heart.

So how can we help combat these temptations?

~First, we need to pray daily for our priorities to be the priorities the Lord would have for us.

~Consider turning off the phone, or using an answering machine to screen calls during those critical times of the day, when mommy is most needed.

~Carve out time that you know you will have to do these things.  In my home, we have a rest time where if you are not napping, you must be quiet, or outside to give me some down time.  I have let that slip and have tried to enforce it again lately. During that time, I can rest if I need to, or more often I will be on the computer, blog, etc.  Also, my husband does overtime once or twice a week from home, after the children go to bed.  I also have that time to work on this blog or whatever I feel needs doing.

~Ask your husband if he would give you a chunk of time where he can keep the children when he gets home from work for you to have that long, engaging, edifying conversation with another sister in Christ once in awhile.

I am a very social person.  I am thankful for things like email and Facebook.  And I love blog hopping.  But, if it is not controlled we can be as the woman in the scripture whose feet are often abroad without ever stepping foot outside our home.

I am sharing these things because they are constant challenges to me.  So, let’s encourage each other to stay up on the wall today!  I would love to hear any of your thoughts!

My next post I will seek to wrap up this series in speaking of two last temptations we face that is common to most of us.  Stay tuned!

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A Psalm for the Lord’s Day

My favorite bible.


salm 15

Lord, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill?

He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.

He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbour, nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbour.

In whose eyes a vile person is contemned; but he honoureth them that fear the LORD. He that sweareth to his own hurt, and changeth not.

He that putteth not out his money to usury, nor taketh reward against the innocent. He that doeth these things shall never be moved.

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Don’t come down from that wall! Pt. 5

And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?” Nehemiah 6:3

Our last several posts in this series we have focused on things that the enemy of our soul uses to tempt us to come down off of our great work as mothers. There is one that many of you may wonder why I have not mentioned yet.

Lets face it, we get exhausted.  Whether we are up in the middle of the night with newborns or sick children, or whether it is the drain mentally in answering the next “mama” that comes our way.  I have found that even the teaching of homeschooling drains me.  It may be as simple as learning their numbers and letters, but mentally I still find it takes it out of me.  As the children get older, they can tie their own shoes and cut their own food up, but now there is heart to heart talks.  Weighty questions and issues of life are matters of everyday discussion. Often the busyness and noise around me tends to mentally fatigue me as well.  So whether you are fatigued physically, mentally or both here are a few tips…

1. Get to bed at a decent time.  Whoa, those who know me will be saying, “Did she just say that?”  I am the queen of night owls.  I mean, this is really strange, but I don’t like going to sleep.   And it doesn’t help matters when the children get in bed later and I need that quiet time with my man at night.  So the temptation is to stay up too late.  I am preaching to the choir, people.  If I ever master this one it will be amazing. But, they say it is true.  I should try it some time.

2. Exercise/Vitamins.  Oh boy, maybe I should stop writing this now.  I really need to get back exercising. I do take vitamins though, and for women the B’s are especially important.  One simple thing I have found amazingly helpful lately has been to lay out all my pills for a couple of weeks ahead of time in those little boxes (what are those things called anyways?).  It is so much easier to pop them all in my mouth quickly, then opening up each bottle every time.  Simple, I know, but so helpful to me.

3.  Make sure your hormones and thyroid is regulated.  As women, we are very prone to imbalances and it is crucial we address these things.

4. Make your time with the Lord priority. It may not be that you can take time immediately in the morning.  Sometimes our little ones are up and going at such a speed first thing in the morning that nap time or another time in the day is easier for us to search his word. But seek to carve out some time that fits for you. Seek prayer from your husband and another like-minded friend as well.

5. Take time for yourself.  Ok, for years I thought this was selfish.  A committed mom would never need a break! But, I have learned over time that it is helping our families to take care of ourselves.  We will do better when we take some recharge time.  So find a bit of time for a hobby, whether that be reading, taking a walk, make a scrapbook, blogging, etc.  All for the purpose of being a fresh mommy and wife.

6. Enlist your children to help. With many of our lifestyles, being home all day, schooling our children, having a large family, this equates to messy homes.  But, with a large family also come many hands.  And many hands make light work.  Have everyone pitch in to return an appearance of  order.  Even a toddlers can use a toilet brush or take a washcloth and wash baseboards.

7.  Don’t hesitate to get outside help.  I have had  different “mother’s helpers” often over the last many years.  What a blessing it has been!  My pride will sometimes make me feel like I shouldn’t need the help.  But you know what?  I am doing several full times jobs at once.  Just teaching school can keep you busy.  Let alone taking care of a newborn, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.  In times gone by, when communities were more tight-knit there were often older ladies that would help young moms.  Even the Prov.31 woman rises to give meat to her maidens.  I also have a great burden for those young ladies that are waiting to marry and how they fall through the cracks in our society. They are encouraged to go out and get a career, when they could be learning and preparing to be their own keepers at home, by helping others.  I was a mother’s helper as a young girl and it was such a good experience for me.  Now I am on the other side and see what a great blessing it is. But, that is probably another post.

8. Lower your expectations. We have already had a post on this one.

9. Learn how to play. Speaking to the choir again, here!  I am a task oriented person and have my mental checklist that drives me.  I hardly ever stop to enjoy life.  My dh on the other hand, being the hardest working man you have ever seen, still finds time to enjoy life.  His quote? “You’ve got to live.”  So maybe today, put the cleaning on the back burner, tell the children to put their workbooks away and play with them.

10.  Realize this is a season. I know this is so over-used nowadays…but it is still true.  My oldest will be out of the house probably in 5 or 6 years.  That hits home.  They are growing up so fast.  They only will be this needy for a time.  And then we will miss it.  We will get all the sleep we want and have free time…but we will long for these days again.

Next post …the telephone and social media.

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Circle of Moms Top 25 Contest- My Position

A little less than two weeks ago I became aware of a contest on Circle of Moms where you could vote for the top 25 faith blogs on the web. Those that placed in the top 25 would have exposure to about 6,000 moms. Even though I am still a new, small blog, I thought it would be fun to participate. So I signed up and started asking you all to help me out by voting daily. At the top of the list were some of my favorite, most encouraging blogs.  A Wise Woman Builds Her Home, Time Warp Wife, Women Living Well and Muthering Heights. Homemaker By Choice, Generation Cedar, and Far Above Rubies I also love. And there are several other faithful blogs (like The Chuppies )that are excellent encouragements for us in the list. But, I noticed there were some pagan blogs in there too, and thought that very sad.

With my tiny blog I have been really pleased with how far I have gotten in the contest, being as new as I am. While getting into the top 25 is not very probable, even the thought of having the ability to reach 6,000 moms was very exciting. But, I have also seen how quickly my heart goes out in carnal desire for the preeminence. I am naturally a very competitive person. These things can look spiritual (“think of the ministry I could have”) can also be a cloak for self- exaltation. So I must be very careful, it is a two edged sword.

But, something has happened. A simple little contest has now became a competition between good and evil. Pagans, witches and other “faiths” have come out of the woodwork and risen quickly to the top slots. Some of these anti-Christian blogs joined the contest and within a few days were ousting these sweet, encouraging, Christ-honoring blogs. Some of these beautiful Christian blogs decided to pull out not wanting to be a part of such a mixture of what some are calling “faith”. They have received great flack for their stands against such evil. I respect and applaud their stand for Christ and the truth. Other godly blogs have stayed in desiring to be a shining light amidst the darkness.  I also honor them for their testimonies in such an evil day. This “innocent” little competition has risen to a greater level.  There has been a furor of comments on facebook and blog posts and it has become quite the controversy.

So the question comes in, what is “faith”? Faith is not any belief that you hold to be true. Faith is not holding on to the fact that things will be ok in difficult times. Faith is not a belief in any kind of religion you want to believe. Faith is not what Circle of Moms says it is when they say, “Faith is all around us, and it comes in many different forms. This group of exceptional moms nurtures both their families and their faiths to create homes filled with love.” No, Hebrews tell us what true faith is in the 11th chapter:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”

According to the scriptures Jesus is the ONLY way…

“I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

The Lord also says, “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.”

There is only one God and only one way to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Anyone that denies this is not walking in the truth.  Is this intolerance? Yes, you might say it is, but the scriptures are no less so.  The scriptures leave no room for creating gods of our own making.  And this goes for those that call themselves Christians by name but depart from the teachings of the Savior as well.  If we make there to be any way to the Father but Jesus Christ we are the enemy of Christ.

But, lest I be misunderstood, I want to clarify that we are called to love.  Not to love and tolerate the works of darkness, not to allow for compromise, but to stand firm in the faith while loving these ones who deny the truth.   Jesus loved the unlovely, I being one of the chief unlovely ones.  So I will love those that do not believe the scriptures.  I will love those knowing that apart from the Lord’s work in my heart, I would shake my fist at Him.  It is only Him that has drawn me to His truth. I will love them and pray for them.  I will seek to show Jesus’ love to them.  And in so doing, pray for the spread of my Savior’s good news!

If I had it to do over again I am not sure I would have entered into the contest over at Circle of Moms, because of their view on what faith is…their accepting of all different faiths.  I would rather see a top 25 Christian blog list.  And I have sought direction from my dear husband through all of this as to what my position should be.  At his counsel, I am going to stay in the contest as of right now, because we are to be a light in a dark world.  Maybe someone will come to my blog that needs the encouragement of Jesus today. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. (1 John 4:4)   But, other than the button on my sidebar, I will not be soliciting for votes anymore.  I will not be actively seeking to gain popularity.

I love what Spurgeon says when he was once asked, “How do you defend the Bible?” “Very easy” he responded. “The same way I defend a lion. I simply let it out of its cage.”   The Lord has already won the victory and his truth shall reign!

My flesh would love to be one of the “popular” blogs that I so admire.  But, if I can influence even one woman to press on in following after the Lord, then all is well.  My “calling” is not this blog.  How many viewers is not my measure of success. Yes, I love to write to you, I love your comments more than you know.  But, my calling is first to be a faithful Christian, godly wife second, and diligent mother.  If I am obedient in these things, through the grace of Christ then and only then have I succeeded.

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