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“Weight Loss Wednesday”

I had a good week.

 Not perfect, but good.

At my weigh-in in it showed that since starting two weeks ago I have lost 3.6 lbs. Not heroic, but certainly progress! I am told that I really want to lose slow and steady with nursing Matthew. They don’t want to see me drop huge amounts fast. So even though the glamorous idea of dropping 30 lbs in a month sounds great, it ain’t happening here.

At this meeting my leader talked about the importance of tracking. It is amazing how much that really does help! It makes you so much more aware of what you put in your mouth, if you know you have to write it down. What other tips do you have that keep you accountable through this journey?

I have set a little motivator for myself. For each 10 lbs I lose I am going to buy an article of clothing. Now mind you, I am not talking about a $100.00 dress, but something economical that gives me something to look forward to along the way. Do you have any ways you are motivating yourself? Have you set smalls goals that will help you reach your larger goals?

And lastly, a confession, (cause if I don’t my mom is sure to speak up)!

It comes in the form of a tip:

Never decide to bake chocolate chip cookies the same day as your weigh-in

So now it is your turn, how was your week? Ups? Downs? Let’s support each other. Comment below or link-up!

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“Weight Loss Wednesday”- Could have been better, Could have been worse.

So how was your week?  Mine was fabulous and I lost 10 lbs!  very different than I expected.  Getting back into tracking what I ate was difficult.  A couple of times I would start to write down my meals and then by midday it became harder to do so.  Let’s just say there were many providences that were not planned this week.

BUT, I was more aware of the choices I was making.  Which is good! I ate a lot more fruit for snacks.  So there was progress.  I was unable to go to weigh in at Weight Watchers Tues. night, so I plan on going Friday morning instead this week.  I thought by my scale earlier that I had lost at least a couple of pounds but when I weighed again a little while ago, it did not show that, so we shall see what the tale is Friday.

The good news is each week we can start fresh.  Baby steps and baby carrots they go hand in hand. This weight didn’t all come on in a week and it ain’t comin’ off in a week.  So I am still in the game, girls.  I will try for a better result next week… Except that my husband’s birthday is this week and we are having a chocolate cheesecake.  🙂

How did you all do? I want to see comments, people! (smile)  Share with us your secrets, recipes, lets be each other’s cheerleaders!  And if you also blog, feel free to link up!

See you next Wednesday!

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“Weight Loss Wednesday”–The Kickoff!

Well, tonight was the big kick-off for me.  I went to the Weight Watchers meeting, weighed in and signed up again. The program has completely changed since I did it before, so it is like starting over from scratch, but I am excited!  I celebrated by coming home and having a birthday party with my son and enjoying my last hurrah of desserts. (smile) Tomorrow starts the point counting and the serious tracking of what I eat.  Tracking helps so much!  Are any of you writing down everything you eat?  It seems like just putting it down on paper helps.

It is amazing…I get 14 extra points for breastfeeding!  I’ll take it.  Although I am skeptical about how I can lose weight eating so many points, but we shall see.

My goal this week?  Track my foods, watch my portions, count my points and move more.

So how did you do this week?  Are any of you writing down what you eat?  What are your goals for the next week?

Leave your comments and let’s encourage each other.  If you would like don’t forget to link-up.  Spread the word, and see if any others would like to join us! Remember, You do not have to do Weight Watchers, chose the strategy that works for you.

See you next Wednesday!

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Introducing “Weight Loss Wednesday”–Who Will Join Me?

My 7th baby is now over six weeks old, so it is time for me to get serious about shedding the baby fat from this pregnancy, and the last one, and the last one, and…well, you get the picture. I seriously am motivated to lose and am looking forward to it. Weight Watchers has worked for me before so I am going to do it again.

Which brings me to the question…

Who would like to join me? You do not have to do Weight Watchers, chose the strategy that works for you.  Accountability and support is such a blessing and the more the merrier.  We can give each other tips, pray for each other and just seek to be an encouragement to one another.

Leave me a comment here and introduce yourself.  Tell us what you will be using to help you get healthy and any other info you would like to share. Then, each week on Wednesdays I will post a “Weight Loss Wednesday” report.  Each of you can add your comments and we will have our discussions through there.

I will start with my intro this week…

As you already know I am the mom of 7 children, my youngest being 6 weeks old. I plan to go to the weekly meetings because I find that the accountability is helpful for me.  I am hoping to begin going this next Tuesday. I will weigh-in at the Tuesday evening meetings, so will report here on Wednesdays.  I am hoping to lose…well, let’s just say alot!

So there you have it.  Who is with me?  Oh, I am so excited!

See you next Wednesday!

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