It’s that dreaded word that everyone feels like they have to whisper.  I am a blessed mom.  I have a houseful of precious babies whom I love.  I have a godly husband.  Most of all, I have the Lord Jesus Christ!  How can I be depressed?

For years it was a stigma for me.  If someone was depressed they just needed to get closer to God.  They needed to pray more, read scripture more, gain more gratitude.

And then it happened.  I fell into depression. And no matter how I cried, prayed and read..I was scared.  What was happening to me?

Many years later, I still struggle.  But, God has been so good and faithful to give me supportive family, a faithful pastor who has shown me that depression is a very physical thing.  Why do we not have a problem saying that our arm is broken and needs rest, but our brain cannot break?  Our bodies are so complex as women.  Bearing precious babies, nursing our little ones, hormones fluxuating.   Sometimes we need to make sure our bodies are nourished with the proper vitamins, minerals, and yes sometimes prescriptions.  So, we can be there for our families.

So, along with dialog and discussion on this blog,  I would like to offer some of you dear moms out there… who feel so alone, some hope.  You are not alone.  You do love your family, you are the perfect mom that God gave to your children…and there is hope.

Here are a few resources that will get you started…

David Murray is a wonderful doctor of the heart and speaks much on this subject.  He has written a small book Christian’s Get Depressed Too.

David Murray also has done some videoes on the internet that will be of great help.

There is also a wonderful book out there called Broken Minds

Dear struggling mother..if I could reach out and hug you I would. Please get ahold of these books, read them and let your loved ones read them. The Lord lifts up the broken hearted and He is there for you.

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5 responses to “Depression

  1. I appreciate your openness! The words of your pastor sound very much like what my pastor has said to me. I’ve been struggling with depression for years but getting treatment for “only” about two years. We’re still working on finding the correct combination of medications.

    Thanks for letting me know about these books. I’ll look at them right now.

    • If I can encourage anyone else, it is a blessing. I have sure needed such encouragement. What meds have you been taking? Do get the books..they are wonderful! If you ever need to “talk” feel free to email.

  2. Praise God that your pastor realized that it is a physical thing. I have gone through depression and am on medication, although I would really like to go off of it.. God is good and has helped me to help others as well. 🙂

  3. Hi,I just came across your blog and Im loving it! I am a mother of 4 kids and stay at home mother,wife and we also homeschool.I had some questions from your blog here on depression. I too,have had trouble with this issue ,however my husband is the only one who really understands me on it.I cannot talk about it hardly to my family for they see things differently.If you dont mind me asking I was wondering what vit,meds or some things you tried for help.If you dont mind I would appreciate it if you could email and maybe we could talk and become friends. I love to meet new christian people .Thanks so much! I usually do not blog right now.

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